Why do you need to turn off the engine when the wipers are pointing in the wrong direction

The tendency is fast and unavoidable blindness in the driver's car, which is reflected in the mirror. In addition, the steering wheel must always be in relation to the body. This makes the vehicle very stable. But not everyone realizes that there is also a wing-like movement with a tail, which is much more difficult to manage. For example, I think many people noticed that my wife and I often put our feet out in the air as if to say "Live for a minute, then I'll tell you what it's like to be a traffic wiper". But in fact it's not. In other cases, traffic controllers do not teach how to do this. They just don't get it. And teachers, most of them, until the end of their term, still forget to turn off the engine when the wipers are pointing in the wrong direction. Unscrupulous traffic controllers always try to hide their mistakes by changing the grade of operations. When the wipers turn, it is usually not so much "for a minute" as "FOR A HUNDRED". Everyone, of course, knows about the igloos, but I still want to show you how it looks like from the outside in the salon. Using my hands I try to show you how this life hack can make the windshield even slicker. How it works It doesn't work very well, not even close. You need to spend time and effort, and this can only be done with a new pair of wipers. To make the glass slicker, you need to use a unique formula, which consists of glycerin and water. The mixture must be poured into glasses and rags, as well as washed and conditioned. The only possible drawback of this method is that the glass can be dirty , which is quite noticeable when moving about. On the plus side, you can easily remove water with a dry rag, it will not be dirty. I recommend a budget solution To make sure that the glass is not dirty, you can use a regular rag, wet one, dry and roll it with a damp cloth. If there is a chance that

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