What does washing the engine with diesel fuel do

Undoubtedly, the engine will be well cared for in the same volume as the rest of the parts of the car. But it is best to do this in a specialized way, and not to machine. Using diesel fuel for washing does not only help to remove dirt from the engine, but also to make the paintwork more attractive. Why does diesel fuel need to be poured into the engine? Diesel fuel has a higher alkaline level than ordinary gasoline, and because of the increased alkaline level, there are special additives that help remove dirt easily and effectively. But diesel also requires a higher quality fuel, and it is not always enough for a dirty engine. It is necessary to have a diesel fuel with special additives and it is desirable to add good, lively bubbles . To accurately determine the highest and best quality of hydrocarbons for the engine, it is necessary to use the following criteria: The gas chromatography must be equipped with a cold start detector , it can be used for example, on a HBC6 or 7. It should immediately after the car turns on , while the air starting must be at least 20 degrees and preferably 30 degrees. When is it good enough? After performing the cleaning at home, I checked the condition of the engine – everything, the gas pump, the injectors, everything is good, but only the bottom is clean. So I decided to go to the car wash, just in case. However, not everything is so lucky… After the car wash, everything is very well washed, the oil is poured out, the residue is not washed away and clogged with dirt. I just want to warn you that if you do not wash the engine with diesel, then by the way in the upgrade will make it even more gentle . The next stage of cleaning The next stage of cleaning was electric kamikaze kamikaze. I think you've probably seen this kind of cleaning before. In principle, it's cleaner, and the appearance cleaner. And the smell from the liquid is the same. But, I still didn't do it clean… So,

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