How to save the body when it starts eating rust

Body temperature and the quality of metal parts affect the appearance of the car. This is not a question of "if" and "when" the body will get dirty, but an active destruction or browning of the surface. The more rustic the paintwork, the darker the color of the metal. To avoid this, you need to pay attention to the car's condition when servicing. In order to avoid problems, it is best to replace the parts individually. You do not need to start all over again from the beginning. You do not need to clean the rust from the inside and Polish the outside! The average car's life is about 5-7 years, and after this time there are usually scratches on the surface of the body. As for the windshield, during this time the surface is usually very well oxidized. At the same time, dirt accumulates there, which will soon ruin the paintwork. However, if you take the average 50-year-old car, and heat it in the trunk for 15 minutes, then it will turn into a nice, clean surface , without the traces of oil and rust . It is also worth saying that the body if it is not prepared it will rot , since the skin is responsible for various environmental damages. The faster you remove the rust, the sooner it will come off. But about the hood , which is often left uncovered , I will say that it is also better not to touch it it . As for the dashboard, I recommend a non-destructive cleaning of the surface , including the door handles , since dirt easily gets on the metal surface. To do not to touch the glass, it is best to use the following tools: a plastic scraper , which is able to quickly and completely remove dust . If you pay attention to the rust, you can easily make a mask of rust and even thicker layers, which will be nearly invisible. And if you remove the layer of sediment, you

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