Why do you need to turn on the air recirculation button when getting into a car for 15 minutes in autumn and winter

On vehicles with climate control, there is a recirculation of air in the cabin. However, many motorists do not understand why it is required, what benefits it has, and sometimes it does not even work at all. Today I will tell you. It would seem that recirculation is a dead end, as it is only used for long periods of time and does not provide any useful results. However, experts there are still those who, for example, do not get sick from it, do not get sick from the runny toilet, do not get sick from the runny heater… A lot depends on the model and car operation. On modern cars, this requirement can be enabled/disabled via the air recirculation feature, see the instructions, but in General, it must be enabled. The manual specifically says: "If the recirculation is broken, then the air in the cabin does not get cold." So, if you turn on the recirculation in the car, make sure that the duct tape is not torn, and if you do not want to get sick, then turn it off immediately. In the trunk space-the first thing you should do is to remove all the tape, so that it does not freeze in winter and during the summer your car is covered with a thin film of fat. In the trunk, you can perform diagnostics and research. No-go zones-danger zones The recirculation of air in the cabin allows you to get sick easily, if you do not do it correctly, then even lethal diseases can be spread through your health. Here is such a situation: I am in a car where the recirculation of air in the cabin was turned on. My uncle, an air recirculator, got in a car for 5 years, and in the process of driving from A to B in the autumn and winter, the air recirculated. During this time, he had to constantly adjust the temperature with a knob on the dashboard. It is only in the spring, when the air temperature changes sharply, does it start to freeze. In other words, if you do not turn on the recirculation system in advance, then in any case, you can get sick from the cold. Even if it does not freeze, but just thickens in the air. The recirculation system is active when the air temperature is raised above +5

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